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Why Take Sonoma Wine Tours by Sacramento Limousine

Sonoma Wine Tours should be taken advantage of by people who want to experience a different kind of tour. The County of Sonoma in California is world-famous for its wine from grapes grown in the region. Considered as one of largest grape producers in the state, Sonoma grapes had been growing in the county since 1812. Padre Jose Altimira is known for planting different grape vines at around that time and vineyards had been known to start from the cuttings from Padre Altimira’s vines.

Sonoma Wine Tours are sure to expose tourists to the rich history of the vineyards which had been part of the agriculture of the County of Sonoma. Buena Vista is said to have been purchased by Agoston Haraszthy in 1855. The Hungarian was also commissioned to study Europe’s viticulture in 1861. Upon his return, he brought home with him at least 100,000 premium grape varieties. Sonoma also has a lot of immigrants from Europe’s wine-growing regions. Wineries like Sebastiani, Quitzow, Gundlach, Simi, Korbel, Foppiano, and Bundschu were established prior to the Probihition and after the Civil War.

Sonoma County Wine Tours can inform tourists about how commercial wine-making declined during the period of Prohibition and how a few of the wineries survived it. The wine industry in the region was improved as America’s wine consumption grew. In 2004, total harvest amounted to $310 million while total harvest in 2006 amounted to $430 million. Sonoma Wine Tours include visits to grape growers in the region who are known to produce Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel.

Sonoma Wine Tours will take tourists north of San Francisco in our Sonoma Limo. Although near Napa Valley, Sonoma is also bounded on the west by the Pacific Coast and on the east by the Mayacamas Mountains. There are at least 370 wineries and 60,000 acres of land designated for grape vineyards in the county. There are also 15 AVAs (American Viticulture Areas) within Sonoma. Each of these AVAs has each own characteristics thereby making the county one of the best Sonoma Wine Tours destinations.

Sonoma Wine Tours can take tourists to wine caves where barrels of wines are kept. Cave conditions allow winemakers to age their wines because of the caves’ chilly and humid climate. Tourists will surely enjoy not only the tours but the wine-tasting experience as well. Most wineries in Sonoma offer tourists the experience of walking around the caves and tasting the wines inside. In most cases, tourists will even be allowed to taste the wine from the barrels.

Sonoma Wine Tours can also include activities like Russian River’s canoe rides, regional park hiking, road course, African safari, and zip-lining through the redwood forest. Activities like art gallery visits, night dancing, golf, farm visits, and wine blending and cooking classes can also be arranged. Cyclists can also enjoy the roads of Sonoma. Wine enthusiasts will be surprised to find out that wine-tasting in Sonoma Wine Tours is a friendly and casual affair. Sonoma is also popular for its raceway shows which draw big Indy-Car and NASCAR crowds. The county of Sonoma has its own airport with daily flights from Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.


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