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The state of California is known for its many vineyards and wineries, most of which can be found in Napa Valley, El Dorado, and Lodi. By taking one of the Limo Wine Tours from Sacramento Limousine, you can be sure that you get to enjoy the many wineries in the area and finally experience some real wine tasting. As they say, you cannot leave California without even trying out one of those Limo Wine Tours because it will make your visit to the Golden State even more worthwhile.

One great tour is the Amador Wine Tours. What’s good about trying this package is that you get to check out many vineyards in a short span of time since there are at least 40 vineyards in the area that are all close to one another. This will help you maximize your day and your whole wine-tasting experience, and that is why it is one of the most recommended Limo Wine Tours out there. Another good thing is that you would not have a hard time traversing the area because the roads are very manageable, and Amador County is only a 50 minute drive from Sacramento, so if you want to check out for a day it’s very manageable.

Another Limo Wine Tour package that is worth checking is Sonoma Wine Tours. Sonoma is a vineyard area in Napa Valley that is rich in history, culture and really beautiful natural surroundings. The place is surrounded by mountains, green fields and many other types of Flora that makes for good eye-candy and will make you enjoy touring those wineries and vineyards even more. The weather in Sonoma is also highly enjoyable because it is never too cold and never too hot so many tourists really choose to check out the said place. Some of the vineyards that you will be able to check out through Sonoma Limo Wine Tours are Sonoma Coast AVA and Russian River, which are famous for their Pinots. Aside from checking out the vineyards, you’ll also have a fun time looking at the beautiful scenery, and checking out the wildlife, as well. You will definitely learn a lot through this tour.

Napa Wine Tours, meanwhile, is another worthwhile package from Sacramento Limousine. As one of the most popular places in the world that is known for its vast vineyards and wineries, Napa Valley is definitely a place that you have to check out if you’re in California. From Cabernets, Chardonnays to Pinots, Napa Valley has it all. By signing up for this Limo Wine Tours package, you will get to learn more about the wine history in Napa Valley which dates back to the 1800s, and check out other vineyards in the area such as Coombsville, Spring Mountain, Diamond Mountain and Howell. You can also check out the Collector’s Tour to get to know more about Napa Valley’s premium wines, some have been bottled for over a century. If you are looking for a good kind of fun and adventure in California, then you better sign up for one of these Limo Wine Tours. It will surely make your stay worthwhile.


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