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Why Take Amador Wine Tours by Sacramento Limousine

Known as “The Heart of the Mother Lode”, the County of Amador is found in California, particularly in the Sierra Nevada. Jackson is its county seat and the whole county’s population has about 38,000 during the 2010 census. The county is also near what is known as Gold County. Although not as popular as the Sonoma Valley or Napa Valley, it was a major viticulture region when gold was discovered in the area. However, the California Gold Rush decline affected Amador County’s wine making industry. Today, the county is up and running with at least 40 various wineries. Wine-making and wine-tasting have become tourist attractions and there are different Amador Wine Tours to take tourists around the area.

The primary purpose of the Amador Wine Tours is to introduce guests to Zinfandel vines, which had been growing in the area for more than a century. The Grandpere vineyard is considered as America’s oldest vineyard of the Zinfandel variety. The Amador County Wine Tours will take visitors to different vineyards which also produce delicious wines from sangiovese, barbera, viognier, and syrah. Wines produced from these grape varieties have received praise from wine lovers and critics around the world.

The Amador Wine Tours include visits to different wineries at the foot of Sierra Nevada where at least 2,700 acres of land are planted with organically-grown wine grapes. Most of these wineries are located in Fiddletown and Shenandoah Valley. Grapevines are planted along the rolling hillsides with moderately dense soils. Grape vineyards have low yields because a lot of grape growers had to dry-farm their land because the County of Amador’s rainfall is from 36 to 38 inches yearly. However the low yields, the county’s high solar radiance, warm climate, and sparse canopies of the vines have ensured that each fruit is matured completely. In addition, tour participants of Amador Wine Tours will discover that the temperatures in the evening allow each fruit to maintain its acidity, which is important to balanced wines.

The Amador Wine Tours bring tourists to different vineyards which produce not only the zinfandel variety but also the southern French and Italian varieties. The county produces limited wines from tempranillo, aglianico, petite sirah, mourvedre, grenache, marsanne, roussanne, viognier, verdelho, and pinot grigio. The Amador County Wine Tours take tourists to different grape growers of the zinfandel variety to showcase the unique qualities of the fruit, which required a degree of ripeness before it is harvested. The zinfandel ripens unevenly so that tourists will find green and raisined berries in one cluster. Therefore, it is really difficult to determine the ideal ripeness of the zinfandel. If more raisined berries are harvested, the wines will have higher levels of alcohol.

Lucky guests of Amador Wine Tours may be treated to an introduction to the proper harvesting of the zinfandels. In order for the fruit not be over-ripe, grape growers have to ensure to accomplish grape sugar sampling, crop thinning, canopy management, and proper pruning. Some winemakers, the participants of Amador Wine Tours will find out, had been trained in universities and use tannin management techniques, temp-controlled fermenters, presses, and crushers. The grapes in Amador County are intensely flavored, robust, and full-bodied.

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